Friday, April 14, 2006

Hadrmi Wedding Henna Review - Yemeni Henna Powder

hadrmi henna powder from yemen

I am happy to be able to post a review of Hadrmi Wedding Henna.
I received the sample from Ali Ebrahem who may be contacted at

The henna arrived in an air tight packet with instructions in English and what I think is Arabic.
henna color after 3 hoursThe henna had a great, fresh smell when opened, and the powder was finely ground. All the yemeni henna I have seen is a golden color... so if you are used to seeing green henna, please know that this golden brown henna is very fresh.

The paste mixed up to be a nice gummy paste...
which is good for fine lines and bridal henna in particular.

It was easy to adjust and to work with. It absorbed lemon juice & essential oils very well. It also released the dye quickly, in about 4 hours in the sun. To the left is a photo of the henna color after the paste
has been removed for only three hours. The black henna you see on the wrist is actually a picture of henna paste still on the skin. As you scroll down, you will see a photo of the finished color on both the palm of the hand and the wrist.

finished henna colorNotice how dark the henna is at the thumb, and on the fleshy part of the palm of the hand near the thumb. This excellent dark color is natural. Nothing other than lemon juice and essential oils were added to get this color.

This company sells wholesale
by the container - which I am not able to import at this time.
Should you care to contact them, the phone number on their packet
is: +967-5-357910. I wish you all great success!! Ann George

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