Sunday, May 28, 2006

Henna Bracelet for Mindy of LockStar, Inc.

Here we go... a "Chef's Choice" henna tattoo for Mindy!
For those of you new to henna tattoo, "Chef's Choice" is my term for "Here is my hand.. please do what ever design you like."
Once I know how much a client wants to spend, and I have a general idea about the style of henna they like.. I start.

It seems as if Henna forms its own relationship with each person, and their design just evolves. A case in point is this "slave bangle" style tattoo for Mindy, a stylist at BLU... where you can get a henna tattoo almost every Saturday.

Please note that this is a photo of the henna paste still on the skin. The finished color is not black, but some shade of reddish brown. I hope to be able to publish a photo of the finished color.. but we have to wait at least two days.

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