Saturday, May 26, 2007

Peacock Henna Pattern for the Legs.

Here are photos of a henna peacock pattern that travels across the lower legs. II I were a better photographer, I would no doubt have a better photo series so that you could more easily copy the pattern.

Of course you are welcome to use this design, which was created from traditional components & influenced by the tattoo style of the most excellent artist at Winnipeg Henna in Canada.

If you would like a henna tattoo, I will be at Midnight Sun, Five Points, Jacksonville Florida this Saturday from 2 ish until 5:30pm. Midnight Sun now closes at 6:00 on Saturday, so be sure to come early if you want a design for the Memorial Day weekend.

Remember, if you want a lower back tattoo, it is important that you wear a low cut pant or skirt & a midriff blouse. This will give the henna paste lots of time to dry without rubbing off on your clothes.

What is fortunate about this freehand pattern is that the tail of the peacock seems to travel well from the inner right leg (the double photo) to the outer left ankle (the single photo ). I think the blessing dieties of henna tattoo were present at this session. I hope to have photos on line of finished color for some ot the tattoos you see in the May blog. All most all of them show the henna with the paste on the skin. The finished color will be a shade of reddish brown. The paste I am using this weekend is very fast, I tested it, and will leave good color on the hands after staying on the skin for two or three hours. As always, the farther from the tips of the fingers or toes we put the henna, the more pale the finished color.

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