Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shannon's Gilded Peacock - Henna Tattoo

I have started working with a more liquid paste mix. I use Jamila henna, the 2007 harvest now, which is very gummy and stringy and workable. I am very pleased with my quick color test results, and will have full hand color on line soon.

In the mean time, please enjoy a photo of Shannon's gilded peacock design. I am still inspired by Neeta's book "Sangeet" as you will see from this photo. The gilding colors are purple glitter & jade green matte gels.

The more liquid texture of the paste made it possible for me to work more quickly than I have in the past, as the paste just flows right out of the henna cone. I am still using my "plastic bag cone" with rubber band closure. It has a carrot bag look, but is soft & easy to use so my hand doesn't get tired at all.

I am convinced that the little bit of pomegranate juice concentrate I am adding at the start of the mix (lemon juice, spiced tea, henna powder, pomegranate juice) really helps keep the henna on the skin, and makes it easier to work.

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