Monday, July 14, 2008

Bridal Henna for Back of Hand - Thanks Toni!

intricate henna tattoo back of handThanks to all the generous artists who post videos of their work in process! I have learned so much about how to layout the designs as a result of watching their work.

I now use a a much thinner paste than I was using before, and a finer tip on the rolled cone.

I never did like mylar cones, but I found some floral plastic wrap that is comfortable to touch and responds well to pressure. It has a smooth feeling & I am not worried that I will "pop" it.

You may notice that I have a better grasp of the use of white space in this henna tattoo. In part, this is because I remembered to outline components when they were finished.

Of course one of the best blessings to henna tattoo practice is a willing & very still model. The success of this pattern is due in large part to my very patient model. Thanks Toni!

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