Friday, August 15, 2008

Dark Red Color in Arabic Henna Tattoo - Jamila Henna 2008

red henna color with jamila henna powder 2008Here is a bold Arabic style henna tattoo for the palm and inner wrist. The wonderful dark color is a sample of the fine red that is available when using the 2008 harvest of Jamila henna powder.

Of course, to get the best finished color, one should leave the paste on as long as possible. In this case, I applied the henna at 10:30 PM. I was able to apply several treatments with lemon sugar glaze to keep the paste wet, and therefore active for about half an hour.

Afterwards, I gently wrapped the henna tattoo in tissue and then wore a plastic glove ( the soft food service kind ) over the pattern for the rest of the night. This process of wrapping in tissue and plastic really helps to get the darkest color possible because henna is a heat activated body dye.

It is also clear in this photo that henna gives the darkest color on the palms of the hands. The henna stain is lighter as it moves up the arm although the same paste was applied to both areas. Some people get darker color on the arm than I do. It is really a matter of skin type, body chemistry and some times, the color of the skin.

The nice thing about this palm tattoo is that it leaves much of the hand free for everyday tasks. So.. if you want a simple henna tattoo on your palm, this kind of pattern will work well for you. 2008 Jamila henna powder is still available for $8.50 each 100 gram box with free shipping in the USA.

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