Friday, November 28, 2008

Winter Time Henna Fun - Henna Parties for the Holidays

Here is a photo of a full palm henna tattoo I did at a get together. I am always happy to have true patrons of traditional henna as they give me the chance to stay in practice with free hand/traditional & fine line henna.

Winter can be a very good time to have a henna party because the house is toasty warm, most people are in sweaters, woolies, and long sleeves, so the body temperature is up! These conditions are excellent to help the henna paste give the darkest possible stain.

Also.. with all other body parts covered, I have a chance to do full palm henna tattoo. I will post some new photos from friends having henna in India soon. Be sure to stop by the henna bookstore to get the latest pattern booklets from India.


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