Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gilding - temporary body art for children and adults.

gilding - temporary body artHere is a photo of gilding using turquoise, white and green glitter gel to match a little girls dress. Tubes of glitter gel are usually available at the henna table at The Midnight Sun so that children can enjoy the henna experience for a day... without any worries about smudging the pattern or staining their clothes.

In this example, the design is a traditional flower pattern. The colors used in this temporary body paint make the simple pattern shine. For those new to henna tattoo, please note this is not a photo of a henna tattoo. Henna tattoo is not available in colors... however, it can also be gilded.

To see samples of gilded henna tattoo, visit The Gilded Henna Tattoo page on my website.

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