Sunday, May 22, 2011

Henna Paste On - Henna Paste Off

Here is a photo of henna paste on the skin. The paste is raised, and is to be left on the skin for at least three hours... longer if possible.

Henna is a heat activated body dye that works by penetrating layers of the skin. It is applied to the surface of the skin with a soft plastic cone. It does not hurt.

The tattoo is temporary and lasts at least one week. This henna pattern is inspired by the work of the artist of, applied by Ann George of Spirit Vision Henna at The Midnight Sun in Five Points, Jacksonville, Florida.

This pattern took about 15 minutes to apply. Then the design was sprayed with lemon juice and sugar to help it stay on the skin as long as possible.

This paste is made fresh, to order and this year we have organic Rhajisthani powder to decorate your body.

Many people are still unfamiliar with the process, so in this blog I am including a photo of this same pattern, with the paste off the skin.

If you are able to continue to keep the paste damp with lemon sugar, it will help your henna give a deeper and darker stain.

If you are able to keep your design out of water for 12 hours after the paste is removed, you will get the best color possible. Keeping olive oil on your design once the paste is removed will help keep heat in, and water out.

These are tips for those who really do want to make their unique, beautiful henna tattoo last as long as possible.

Henna tattoo is available by appointment. Please call the Studio at 904-993-7466 to schedule your appointment, or to book a henna party, or hire our artists for your event.

We are able to offer small parties in the lovely studio at the back of the The Midnight Sun.

Please visit the FAQ page for more information on the art of henna tattoo.

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