Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Henna Tattoo to Celebrate Preganancies

Here is a lovely hearts and flowers style tattoo that an expectant mother choose to celebrate the birth of a daughter.

It was a pleasure to do this henna, and baby was quite helpful, very still during the process.

I always make a special paste for expecting mothers, and am sure that all essential oils used in the paste are safe for pregnancy.

If you are thinking of celebrating the upcoming birth of your child, please notice that it is important to wear clothing that will allow the paste to remain on your skin in an undisturbed way.

Low rider pants or an elastic waistband in skirt or pant makes it easy to keep the henna safe. A crop top or other blouse that can be pulled out of the way also ensures that the design will be able to rest on the skin as long as possible.

It is also wonderful to have a driver, so that you may recline on the way home, and watch out for the seat belt!! Some bring a towel to place between the henna and the seat belt. It is best to do this kind of henna now.... heat of the summer..... so that the paste can penetrate the skin as deeply as possible. For more information on why henna works, visit my FAQ page.

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