Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rainy Day Henna? and it's 75 degrees? Call to see if there is henna today.

I realize that many people think that the photo on the left is "henna tattoo." 
It is - the first part of the process. This is a photo of henna paste on the skin. 

Henna is not black! A henna tattoo begins with with application of paste on the skin. The photo page left is the beginning of a process and not the finished henna tattoo. 

Henna is a Heat Activated Body Art. 

This means that is needs to be warm outside for the dye that is in that henna paste to stain your skin. Henna is most often applied in Africa, India and cultures of the Middle East. It is hot there. Few places have air conditioning. 

A good henna tattoo happens when it is at least 85 degrees, and you are prepared to sweat a little bit. When it is hot, your pores open and the stain can penetrate your skin more deeply. If you are glistening - the paste will not dry up as fast, rather it will stay damp and active. 

If it is raining hard, that is heavy thunderstorms,  I do not come out to offer henna. Bright, hot, sunny days are best for a sucessful henna tattoo. Hot cloudy days will do, but 90 degrees is a good hot. 75 degrees is not hot. I now have a very good crop of henna that makes a paste that leave a good stain if left on only 5 minutes (on the palm) on a 75 degree day. 

 Rainy days make it more likely the henna paste you see above will get wet. Water ruins the process. In fact, putting oil on your skin after the paste comes off help you get a good henna tattoo. 

If you look at the second picture- you will see good henna tattoo. The black paste on the skin and the finished henna 48 hours later (the reddish brown colored stain) on the right. 

This dark color is a quality color. This is what henna is all about. This kind of color takes fresh powder, a good paste, and client who is willing to take care of their process and a bright, bright, sunshiny  day! 

I hope this helps all who are waiting for henna. The reddish color you see is what we are waiting for. 

All too often I hear people say "henna doesn't work on me." If you have poor circulation, then you may not get as dark a stain as a young, healthy person. 

However, if you follow the instruction on your after care sheet, and wait with me for the weather to heat up just a bit more.... we will make some art! 

I look forward to the start of henna season!! 

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