Friday, April 22, 2016

Black Henna? No such thing! Henna paste on & paste off! The real color of henna tattoo.

I receive so many calls from people wanting black henna. It is surprising to me that after all the public service announcements about the dangers of "black henna" that people are still confused about this topic.  There is no such thing as black henna. th
To the left is a photo of henna paste on the skin.

This paste on the skin can appear to be black henna.

I make fresh henna paste for my clients. This assures you will have the best finished color.  How well you care for your design determines the quality of the finished color.

Keep the paste on for at least 3 hours. The longer the paste stays on the darker your finished color will be. If you will walk in the sun, or at least stay active so that your blood circulates and you are warm, the henna will give a better color.

Also, after you take the paste off, please keep a layer of olive or coconut oil on the design area. This will keep the henna warm, and keep water out of the skin.  Keep your hands out of chlorine water, avoid scrubbing your hands,

If you take good care of your henna tattoo you can have a finished color that looks like this!

This is the color about 24 hours after the paste has been removed.

Henna takes 48 hours to give its darkest stain on the skin. Many clients will sleep in a sock or mitten to help get a dark color.

I offer you a plastic food service glove to help you "sweat" the henna design.

This is an art form that comes from very hot climates - Africa, India and the Middle East. Air conditioning is not common.

In the USA we seem to think that 72 degrees is the ideal temperature...... however 85  - 95 degrees is the best temperature to keep then pores open. If you sweat a bit, this is also good, it keeps the paste moist on your skin.

If you scrape the paste off and do not see color right away, do not be alarmed. Many people have a very light stain at first.

Please: No Lotions, No Hand Sanitizers! No petroleum products on your skin before or after henna. These often chemical products will pull the color away. Natural lotions only.

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