Saturday, August 26, 2017

Henna Tattoo is not offered during downpours! We can be rained out.

Spirit Vision Henna will not be offering henna tattoo today. It was just raining in Murray Hill and various weather forecast services promise rain, severe weather, or more rain for henna time in Five Points. Rain is not good for a happy henna day. 
Many people do not know that henna is a heat activated body art and that the preparation of a good henna paste requires heat and dry weather. 

Our henna is cured outside on a lovely porch. I leave it on the ledge the first day. I will bring it in to rest, and essential oils and put it out to release the dye again the next day.
Just as we were putting the fresh paste into a henna cone, down comes the rain! 

At Spirit Vision Henna we want you to have the best possible outcome. We feel that  applying henna tattoo during a rainstorm is a waste of your money. 

If you are new to henna, you may not know that you have to wait 10 - 20 minutes for your paste to dry. (Humid days the paste takes longer to dry than on the bright sunny ones.) 

Applying henna paste in humid weather really doesn’t work as well as applying henna  in the Summer Sun. The paste seems to absorb water from the air regardless and this results in a poor quality stain. 

If you come in for a henna tattoo, spend time and money to buy a lovely design, Spirit Vision Henna wants you get the best color possible. We want you to take your henna tattoo out in to the sunshine and allow it to cure for several hours.  

Drying your henna in the sun helps you get good color. The hotter you get, the more you perspire, the more your pores will open. This allows the paste to penetrate deeper into your skin. 

Spirit Vision Henna artists do not want to send your new henna tattoo (paste on the skin) out into the rain! Henna will smudge when it is wet. Rain is wet. Getting rain on your new henna can cause the paste to run, and this paste will leave stains we don’t want! 

Henna designs will take 48 hours to develop. After you scrape the paste off your skin you will keep a light layer of oil on the design area to keep henna in and water out. 

To get a good stain there are steps you can take to keep your henna hot while you stay cool:

  1. After you scrape the paste from your skin, you may choose to wear a glove to keep your henna warm.
  2. Please keep oil on your henna tattoo to keep the heat in and water out. 
  3. You may choose to use a blow dryer to heat your henna up from time to time.
  4. If you got henna on your wrist or inner arm, you may also use a plastic film to trap heat and help the color develop. 
  5. I am hoping next week we will have good weather!

We look forward to a bright Sunny Saturday next week. 

See you soon. 

Spirit Vision Henna.

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