Friday, September 03, 2021

Walk In Henna Tattoo • Saturday September 4th!! Happy Labor Day.

Spirit Vision Henna is happy to welcome everyone to our new location with a Walk In Henna Day this Saturday 9/4/2021. 

I am so pleased to show off my new location, inside the Award Winning Salon...... Beauty Junkie,  935 Edgewood Avenue South! Jacksonville, Florida 32205.  

I have fresh & fragrant henna paste, hand made using a proven recipe. The lemon sugar spray I use is made with organic ingredients.  Designs start at $20 and cash is preferred. FMI: 904-993-7466.

Never been to Murray Hill? There is so much to see. Just inside Beauty Junkie there is a perfume bar, a little vintage clothing stash... and nice gifts as well as fabulous hair care products for sale! 

Vagabond Coffee is across the street if you need a bit of refreshment before or after you get some art. We have lots of fun shops in our neighborhood..... so lots to see if there is a wait.  

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