Friday, August 25, 2023

Join Me at the Grand Opening of Fluent? Walk-In Henna this Saturday • Noon to 400pm

I am very pleased to be part of a small troupe of local vendors to help kick off the Grand Opening of Fluent. Located on the corner of Post & Normandy in Jacksonville, Florida, the address is 971 Cassatt. This colorful yellow building seems hard to miss, but I had to drive back by to enter correctly.    

There will be some other local vendors, a food truck and.... a doctor to answer your questions. I am sure there will be cool beverages and some shade! 

I will have a tent and plenty of organic henna paste to get the party started. 

If this is your first henna experience, please, please read about henna tattoo from this page. Or have a look at this: Instagram Reel of Hennas

I will offer traditional, tribal and whimsical henna designs using an organic herbal paste mixed with spices and essential oils. 

Twenty years ago I brought along all kinds of pattern books and photo albums. I don't need to do that now. Pinterest has some nice designs as does this blog, and my website. 

Of course you are welcome to call with questions, but this blog should cover most any question you have. 

It is important to have cleans skin, to be able to stay out of water for about six hours, and to be ale to provide good aftercare to get the deepest color. 

I am new to Fluent. I have not yet met anyone there, but we have talked by phone. This is a trust appearance for me.

I am hopeful all goes well. Namaste. Ann   

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