Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Henna Tattoo for the Back

For this tattoo, the client chose an Arabic style design.
She wanted the tattoo on her back, and while a small shoulder piece would have been a good choice.. I think the larger design is far more striking.

The henna tattoo appears black because this is a photo of the design with the paste still on the skin. I hope to see this client again to get a photo of the finished color. (Photos of the finished color are much harder to come by!)

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Anonymous said...

hey that looks really really cool! it gave me an idea haha, i done a hannah design on my stomach near my kidneys anmd one on my foot just basic im only learning how to do designs :p. i brought some henna the other day., its not the best quality hanna it was oly chap stuff..the color isnt rich but its just a light borwn. i dont m,ind it but want to buy a better grade hanna. below is my web page i will put up the after photos 2morow if you want to view them feel free. they are on my blog liusted below..my blog is just about various things, more a thing to do wen im bored really.cya :P