Thursday, July 21, 2005

Test results for Jamila henna powder

I recently received a sample of Jamila henna powder, and as I am always interested to see the difference in color and quality of different hennas, I am tested it. I am very pleased with the results and want to share them with you.
The photos above are of the powder itself, and the resulting paste.

I was very happy to notice that the powder had that great fresh henna smell, and a good greenish color. Further, the powder was very, very finely sifted. I did not have to do any additonal sifting - which is a big plus! After mixing with with some lemon juice & tea tree oil, I got an excellent paste. The paste was very smooth, offering a consistancy similar to that of toothpaste! As well, the paste was naturally cohesive.. and I knew that I would be able to acheive very fine lines. I am publishing a photo of the paste on the skin for your review. It may be important to note that the model was about 5" tall, and had pretty small hands.
The paste was applied using a henna cone, with just a bit snipped off the end. Actually, I was able to acheive even finer lines than those pictured, but I decided to snip off more of the tip of the cone to easily get both fine & slightly wider lines.The paste dried well, with no cracking, and naturally adhered to the skin. I did apply a glaze of lemon sugar to the design as it was drying, wrapped it and left it overnight.

The first photo shows the resulting color only 2 hours after the paste was removed. I was happy to see that it was a fairly deep color. Please bear in mind that not all computeres display color in the same way! You should see a bright reddish orange color on the first photo. The second photo shows the color after 48 hours. I think this is a very good color. It is dark, reddish to reddish-brown to black cherry red is certain spots.
I hope you find these results helpful when you decide what kind of henna powder to purchase. I am looking forward to being able to offer you Jamila henna in the near future.

Wishing you joy,

Ann George

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Ann George said...

I was not able to get this color from the 2010 crop of Jamila Henna. I have since learned that company sells different quality of henna to different merchants.

For 2010, I did not get the best of the crop.