Monday, June 23, 2008

Kissing Fish Henna Tattoo - Henna by Ann George

kissing fish henna tattoo

Here is a great tattoo pattern from the collection of Catherine Cartwright-Jones, rendered as best as possible by yours truely, Ann George... aspiring henna artist.

This tattoo was chosen for its meaning as well the visual beauty of the design.

These two fancy goldfish are kissing in a little spray of bubbles. I love the flowing detail of their fins and tails. This is a great tattoo for a Pisces woman. I used a liquid paste & fine tip on the plastic cone to make this design possible.

If you are new to henna tattoo and are trying to find some great patterns to share with your customers, please be sure to visit Tap Dancing Lizard! The Sangeet book is a favorite!

You may notice a little bit of color that seems to be running from the tattoo. This is just the lemon sugar glaze dripping a bit. Be sure, I dabbed up the excess with a cotton swab before my client left. The lemon sugar glaze helps the henna stay on the skin! The longer the henna stays & the warmer the client is.. the darker the finished color.

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