Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Before & After Henna Tattoo Photos

custom henna tattoo for the feet paste oneThis first photo show the first part of the henna tattoo process after the paste has been applied to the skin.

This tattoo was done rather late at night, so the modl left the henna paste on her skin, wearing white cotton socks to bed so that she could get the darkest stain possible.

For good color, that being deep rich color, the longer the paste can interact with the skin, the darker the finished color should be.

henna tattoo after past is removed 8 hours laterIn this photo you are able to see the beginning color of a henna tattoo after the paste is removed. As you can see, the henna paste left on the skin for a period of hours leave a bright orange stain on the tops of the feet.

This bright color will darken over the next 48 hours to a deeper color, providing that some aftercare is taken. In general, it is best to apply olive oil over the finished henna twice a day or more. It is very important to do this before bathing.

Other tips to help your color develop are to keep the tattoo warm ( some clients use a blow dryer to heat up the skin after the paste is removed to deepen the color, ) avoid chlorinated water & especially avoid skin products that contain petroleum ( this includes most all American skin lotions & creams.)

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