Sunday, May 24, 2009

Full Palm Henna Tattoo

henna pattern quick palm henna patternHere is a quick pattern for a full palm henna tattoo with a floral feel.

My customer wanted a traditional henna look without bridal pricing... which is when the use of negative space makes a henna tattoo come alive, seem very full & traditional, without requiring more than 15 minutes or so.

This pattern starts at the wrist & then uses two double paisley patterns to contain the bulk of the design. Henna rings were used on the fingers, with little ring jewels on the tips.

Henna will naturally flake off over time, and of course with movement, so the rings were placed between the finger joints. Placing the henna paste away from the joints of the fingers made this an easy to wear henna pattern for a busy shopping day. The henna tattoo was sprayed several times with a a lemon sugar glaze to help it stay in place.

full palm henna tattoo with peacock As it is now henna season, it's best to call ahead to schedule your henna tattoo at The Midnight Sun. Visit Spirit Vision Henna for more information. This month's special is one full palm tattoo, similar to the one you see here, for $25.00. If you want both palms done, then it is best to have a driver.. or to choose a pattern similar to this second pattern.

This client had to drive for the little party that stopped by the shop. As you can see the henna design makes use of "negative space" to enhance the peacock pattern and to leave plenty of room to handle the steering wheel while driving a stick shift car.

If you have another style of henna tattoo in mind, no worries. There are lots of pattern books to look through, however the special pricing is for "Chef's Choice" henna. This means that your artist will create a custom design based on your preference for tribal, floral, Arabic or Indian styles.

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