Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lovely, Easy to Wear, Traditional Henna Tattoo Design

Here is a quick henna tattoo design that makes use of many traditional elements... the flower, the paisley, and of course, the little dot.

To draw this pattern, the larger design areas were created, then filled in with traditional components.

This design is for a customer going right back to work in retail. She needed something that would make it easy to use her hand, leave her finger tips free... and still be lovely.

A henna tattoo like this one costs @$30.00. The black paste you see on the skin is not the finished tattoo. The paste will remain on the skin for three to six hours.

A glaze of lemon, sugar and essential oils was applied to help keep the paste on the skin.. and the enhance the finished color.

After the paste falls off, or in some cases after you scrape it off, apply olive oil to the design area. The application of olive oil keeps water out & helps to keep body heat in.

Henna is a heat activated dye and the color will darken over the next 48 hours with proper care. A few things to avoid are: chlorinated water, American beauty creams, (most contain petroleum - and that fades the color of the henna tattoo) and exfoliating the skin.

Sun and heat are fine! Hot weather and sweating open the pores and help the henna to penetrate the skin.   Henna tattoo is available throughout the summer time by Ann George. Appointments work best! although walk-in henna is often available on Saturdays at The Midnight Sun.

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