Friday, April 23, 2010

Tribal Henna Patterns for Men

Here is an example of a free hand / free spirit henna tattoo for a man.  Yes, men can get henna tattoo as well!

The same rules apply, you get the best color on the back of the hand,   and inner wrist... places where men feel most comfortable placing their henna tattoo.

It is possible to do henna on the upper arm, to do tribal bands and Kanji tattoos there, however, the finished color will not be as dark and generally will not last as long as henna tattoo put on the hands.

This design is based in part on traditional North African designs.. and we just went from there. Shapes the client like were added.. and so you see, a powerful tribal style design.

Several layers of lemon sugar were applied. Perhaps I will be able to post a photo of the finished color, which appears about 48 hours after the paste is removed. At present, a new mix of henna paste is basking in the morning sun.

Henna tattoo will be offered in the ambient comfort of The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park  Street, Jacksonville, Florida after  2PM this Saturday. Call now to reserve your seat!

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