Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I don't see my henna tattoo! There is nothing there!! Don't panic.

It is important to note that henna is a heat activated body art. This means that the longer you leave the henna paste on your skin, and the hotter You get..... the deeper color stain will develop.

Sometimes people get a henna, go to an environment that is 72 degrees, leave the paste on their skin, scrape it off, sleep in an room that is 72 degrees..... and wonder why they don't have dark henna color.

If you have received a henna from me, then the answer is that you did not sweat your henna. Wait... give it some time.. and the color will develop. It may take all of 48 hours for the final finished color to appear. ** Please see updated at page end.

If you have not taken good care of your henna, put it on the upper arm, back, or in some cases, the back of the hand, it may take longer for your color to become rich.

Also note, in a design such as this one, the darkest color will be on the fingers, and then the design will become lighter as it moves up the arm. The lightest color stain will be the cuff portion.

This is because the texture of the skin changes, and this affects the color of the henna tattoo.

Those photos you see of deep red henna stains are usually done on the palm of the hand.This will always be the best place to put your henna tattoo. I understand that most people don't want to do that... but that is where you get your ruby red outcomes.

It is possible to go an extra step, wrap your henna in tissue, and send you home with a plastic glove taped in place to help sweat - or heat up - your design. Just ask.. I am happy to help you have the best possible out come.

However, please remember, that henna is a heat activated herbal paste. If you are sweaty, then that paste stays damp, and thus interacts with your skin for the longest possible time, giving you the deepest darkest color.

I use fresh, home made henna paste. I have new essential oils for the season, fresh 2010 henna from Rajhistan, and a nice lemon sugar glaze. I can't bring must more to the table than that. The rest is up to you.

** However, if you received a henna from me between June 18th and June 26th of this year, and did not get a good out come, please contact me by phone or email. Apparently, the new powder/paste I was using did not give good results. I am happy to redo your henna at no charge if you are one of the few clients that had this experience during this time.

** I had two different tubes of fresh, home made paste - one worked very well, one did not. So if you had henna and got great color this is why. Poor color... my deepest apologies .. I have new paste. **