Monday, June 20, 2011

Lovely Henna Pattern for Hand and Arm from Winnipeg Henna

Here is a very popular henna design that is the creation of the fine artist at

I love the use of negative space in this design. Know that this is a photo of the paste on the skin..... when the paste comes off, the henna will be a deeper richer color on the fingers and become lighter as it moves up the hand and arm.

This is one of the interesting aspects of henna, and one that make your efforts at aftercare most important. The longer you leave the paste on your skin, and the hotter the environment you are in.... the deeper the stain will be.

As well, if you choose to keep your arm and hand warm after you scrape the henna off, apply olive oil to the finished design, you will help the henna develop to its darkest possible stain.

Some clients will wear a stock to bed the first night to help heat up the design.

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