Monday, April 07, 2014

Henna Time is Finally Here! Friday 4/11/14 at The Midnight Sun

It is warm enough, often enough, for a good start to henna season. Recently clients have been phoning for henna appointments. Here are a few answers to the FAQ of temporary body art.

1) Henna is available on Friday from 12:30 pm - 6:00 pm at The Midnight Sun.
2) No appointment is required for Friday service.
3) Henna is never black, the photos of black henna are paste on the skin.
4) Henna tattoo lasts longest if you take good care of your skin after the tattoo is applied.
5) Henna prices start at $15 and go up from there. That is the minimum price for adults.
5) Henna belongs on the hands, arms, feet and legs.
6) I do not put henna on the face or neck.
7) Henna tattoo is actually a heat activated body stain this means:

  • The longer the paste stays on your skin the darker the finished color will be.
  • The hotter it is, the more your pores open, and the deeper the finished color.
  • Keeping olive oil on the finished design helps your color last longest.
  • Keeping your design out of chlorinated water preserves the design. 
  • Please, no lotion on skin!! Henna does not penetrate moisturizer. 
  • Henna can be applied to all skin colors. 
If you have additional questions, please visit Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo

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