Monday, May 05, 2014

Colors of Henna Tattoo on Dark Skin, African/American Skin • Spirit Vision Henna

I am very grateful to my lovely model for helping me to photograph the process of henna tattoo from paste on the skin through a 48 hour development time.  

Many people do not understand that when they see a photo such the one below, that they are looking at am image of henna paste on the skin. 
This is the first part of the henna tattoo process. This paste will stay on at least 12 hours if you are careful and this look can last all day.

The next photo shows the color of this very same henna pattern taken about 18 hours after the paste as applied and about 8 hours after the paste was removed. This photo was taken under a different light, and on a different background, but you can clearly see the reddish brown color developing on the back of the hand and the darker color on the finger tips.

This next photos shows the result after 48 hours with good aftercare. 

Good aftercare includes regular moisturizing, keeping the hand out of chlorinated water, and avoiding petroleum products. You can see the "black cherry" color best at the finger tips and knuckles. On the back of the hand there is a nice deep red design in place.

It is the case that dark skin colors get excellent results with henna tattoo. 

For all skin types, the very best color will always be on the palms of the hands.  This is because the palms are fleshy and porous and allow the henna dye to penetrate most deeply. FMI visit my FAQ page.

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