Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gilded Henna Tattoo - Simple Patterns with Jeweled Color

gilded henna tattooHere is an example of gilding. Notice the jeweled colors in the henna tattoo? This is not colored henna, rather it is gilding paste, a very temporary form of body art that lasts only as long as you don't wash your hands.

Gilding is a great way to embellish your henna design. And, while simple henna tattoos are very fashionable, and are created to accent the natural beauty of your hand, the gilding is just a bit of fancy for the day. Many times people will choose gilding colors to match the outfit they are wearing when they have their henna applied.

The gilding paste is made from glitters, jewel powders and sometimes cosmetic powders mixed with a neutral carrier gel. Gidling is applied with a cone, just like henna, so you can easily get the very same effect as a henna tattoo using only gilding paste. It is very important to wait for your henna paste to dry before adding the gilding, your artist will help you with that.

For examples of gilding, visit the gilded henna gallery at Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo.

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