Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Henna Today - 8/23/08 - at Midnight Sun

bold arabic flowers henna tattooIt is just tooo wet to come out & do henna tattoo today!

Henna works best when it's warm, sunny, and dry as we are able to let the paste stay on the skin, undisturbed, for along time. During a tropical storm, or the remnants of one.. it is often too wet to be sure that your henna paste won't get wet as well.

For those new to henna, the reason this is important is that henna works by penetrating layers of the skin to stain it some shade of reddish brown. If water gets on the paste ( the photo shows henna paste still on the skin) then the paste can run, thus smearing the pattern a bit.

For best results you want to have the henna paste on the skin at least 6 hours, some leave the henna overnight. Let's hope next weekend will be brighter!

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