Sunday, August 17, 2008

Traditional Indian Henna for Feet

henna tattoo for the foot traditional patternHere is a photo of a traditional henna tattoo for the foot adapted from a pattern by Vashti. Her work was published in a henna book from India that I bought a long time ago. I am very happy to be able to offer new henna booklets from India with lots of great designs like this one.

I started this henna tattoo at the ankle and worked down from there. I used a fairly wide tip on the rolled mylar cone to be sure to get enough paste on the skin to give good color & to show off this bold design.

I did modify the pattern a bit from the original to flatter my clients foot. She was hoping to make her foot look longer & more elegant. I think the pattern she chose was excellent to accomplish this.

As well, leaving a bit of negative space between the finished medallion on the top of the foot, and the "toe ring" pattern at the tip of the foot gives the illusion of length.

She was very happy with her pattern. Sadly, we were working a bit late in the evening and did not have time to start the other foot.. perhaps next time we will be able to do some art earlier in the day.

To get good dark color on henna for the foot is it best to sleep with the paste on the skin. Some people will wrap the tattoo in tissue & plastic wrap to help "sweat" the design. This works best for me.. and always for brides. Others wrap the pattern with tissue and sleep in socks.

Both methods help this heat activated natural dye to give the darkest color possible. Other tips for dark color are published on my FAQ page and in different posts on this blog. (Notice in the photo below that we were able to incorporate her inked tattoo into the henna pattern.)

henna tattoo inside of foot

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