Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Intricate Henna Tattoo - Just a Doodle

intricate henna tattoo small jewelSometimes the loveliest mehandi is the little embellishment. This is a photo of an intricate henna tattoo that decorates the back of the hand.

This small jewel style is very popular with Western customers. It is just a touch of the exotic beauty we see in complex henna patterns... without covering the entire hand or arm. This freehand henna tattoo is clearly composed of traditional Indian components, but assembled in such a way as to fit the back of my clients hand.

This is a sample of the henna you can get at the Midnight Sun in Jacksonville, Florida... although we seem to be coming to then end of henna season. I am happy to continue to offer henna all year long, but as we move into the cooler months, it may be best to call ahead or to e-mail the Studio to be certain I will be at the shop. Namaste!

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