Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Henna Pattern - Peacock Tattoo with Flowers

henna tattoo peacock pattern for the palmHere is a photo of a full palm henna tattoo. This design was done using the "draw the outlines first" method which has really improved my finished designs.

Visit the henna videos category on this site to see one of the best "how to" videos online. I started the pattern at the wrist, drew the outlines for the peacock & the bracelet at the wrist, then moved to draw the outlines for the encircled flower pattern at the base of the hand. I went back to fill in the details of the peacock & bracelet before moving to fill the hand. After finishing that portion of the pattern I drew outlines for the flower pattern that runs up the pinky & ring finger, then the little paisley and the flower at the base of the thumb.

After filling in all those areas, it was time to finish off the fingers. I used bold strokes to finish, hoping that the use of negative space would create the little glove effect as well as enhance the complexity of the palm pattern. If you like this pattern, you may enjoy a visit to the Henna Patterns page on my site. There are lots of little booklets from India on sale.. filled with inspiring images.

I intent to be back to work at the MIdnight Sun this weekend. Perhaps I will see you there?

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