Thursday, July 09, 2009

2009 Harvest of Jamila Henna Powder is Here

2009 Jamila Henna PowderThe 2009 Harvest of Jamila Henna powder arrived yesterday! Just click the link to purchase your fresh off the plane box of super sift henna.

I have 100 gram boxes for sale, $8.75 each with free shipping by Mail in the USA. If you live outside the US, please send a note to get an updated shipping total.

Some artists buy several boxes when the henna is fresh, leave one out for daily use & freeze the rest for later. The henna comes in a sealed foil pouch in a lovely box, film wrapped, so every measure is taken to be sure you get the freshest henna possible.

If you are new to henna tattoo, a free recipe is posted on my site, and of course there are lots of henna tips & tricks on the blog.
Wishing you joy!!

Ann George

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