Friday, July 24, 2009

Henna Pattern for Back of Hand - $15 Henna

henna tattoo jacksonville floridaHere are three little henna tattoos for the back of the hand. Each girl chose a pattern style from one of the many pattern books on hand.. and then said "something like this"... the best way to ensure that you get a henna tattoo that fits your budget & your style.

Henna tattoos start at $15 each and go up in price from there. So.. it is important to give a bit of thought to where to put your tattoo, as well, what to wear to show it off, particularly if you are getting henna on the foot, belly or lower back! There are lots of tips in the blog to help you pick a good pattern!

Spirit Vision Henna is open most Saturdays at 1055 Park Street ( The Midnight Sun ) in Jacksonville, Florida. We are also available for parties, bridal showers, birthdays and corporate events in the greater Jacksonville area. Please feel welcome to give us a call. We have plenty of the 2009 crop of Jamila henna powder, so you are sure to get fine lines & great color.

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