Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Full Palm Henna Tattoo - paste on & paste off

henna tattoo full palm paste onThis is a photo on an original henna tattoo design for the full palm. The pattern started and the wrist and was worked down onto the palm and finally the fingers.

This henna tattoo was done with a fairly wet paste, so there was plenty of time for the henna to be absorbed into the skin. This wet paste yielded a good finished color as you will see below.

Here is a photo of the henna tattoo with the paste off the skin. As you can see (click the photo for a larger view) the henna stains different parts of the hand different shades of red to reddish brown.
24 hours later henna tattoo colorThis henna paste has only been off the skin for 24 hours, so it will take another 24 hours for the final color to show up.

Many people want to know how long a henna tattoo will last. Spirit Vision Henna uses fine, natural ingredients with no chemical additives. The paste is made to give the darkest color possible, but aftercare is really important to getting a long lasting stain.

If you will leave the paste on the skin (first photo) for at least 6 hours, and if you will keep olive oil on the design (apply at least twice a day) and you are able to stay out of water for at least 12 hours after the paste is off the skin, then you will get the best color.

The FAQ page will address many common questions about henna tattoo. Of course, you are also welcome to call or email for more information.

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